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The Antemortem Eulogy of An Illegitimate President

EXCLUSIVE: Washington Post's DC Headquarters to Host Fundraiser for Trump-Hating Fulton County DA

EXCLUSIVE: Soros and Biden Admin Officials Hold Private Meeting With Zelensky In Ukraine

Elon Musk Comments On Laura Loomer’s Upcoming ZeroHedge Debate

Dinesh D’Souza Film ‘Police State’ Exposes Political Persecution of Conservatives

EXCLUSIVE: Meet the Leftist Operatives Funded by Soros Who Are Targeting Trump In Colorado

EXCLUSIVE: Kevin McCarthy to be Primaried by America First Challenger Following Ousting as House Speaker

WATCH: 45 Gets Gagged as FBI Says Trump Supporters are the New Terrorists

LOOMER UNLEASHED: Laura Loomer Launches New Exclusive Show On Rumble

EXCLUSIVE: NY AG Letitia James Failed To Disclose Six Figure, Dark Money Loan Possibly Tied To Anti-Trump Media Operatives

Desantis Donors Are Loading Up Glenn Youngkin's PAC With Cash As 'Plan B' To Stop Trump In 2024

GLOBAL DAY OF JIHAD: Stolen Elections Are Proving To Be Lethal

President Trump Gives Laura Loomer A Shout Out During His Speech In Palm Beach, FL

CONFLICT OF INTEREST: FL GOP Chair and Vice Chair Are Married To Women With Financial Ties to Ron DeSantis And His Presidential Campaign

VIDEO: Why Is Joe Biden Funding Nazism In Ukraine?

VIDEO: TikTok’s Pro-CCP Billionaire Investors Donate Millions to DeSantis's Presidential Campaign

Palestinian Rep. Rashida Tlaib Blocks Jewish Journalist Laura Loomer Over Request To Condemn HAMAS

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Meets with Socialist Group Code Pink

EXCLUSIVE: Rep. Lauren Boebert Received Money From Kevin McCarthy Before Changing Stance on Motion To Vacate Vote

SCOOP: Gavin Newsom To Meet With Joe Biden In California Before Attending GOP Debate As Biden's "Campaign Representative"

Rep. Chip Roy Lies About ‘Holding The Line’ In Congress While Fundraising With Ron DeSantis In Texas

EXCLUSIVE: Ron DeSantis To Attend Texas Fundraisers Hosted By Funders Of J6 Committee Members

VIDEO: From Guantanamo to the…White House? Why Warmonger John Bolton Loves Ron DeSantis

VIDEOS: Decorated Ukrainian Nazi Awarded by Obama-Biden State Department Sexually Assaulted and Beat Women With Dildos

EXCLUSIVE: Ron DeSantis To Fundraise In Texas With RINOs Behind AG Ken Paxton’s Impeachment

Ron DeSantis Skips Work on His Birthday To Fundraise With Mitt Romney and Bush Family Political Donors

Trump Supporters Step Up To Help Non-Violent Low Income Inmates Get Out Of Jail In Deep Blue Fulton County

Ron DeSantis Harasses Melania Trump With 'Missing Person' Flyers At Iowa Football Game

My Reflections on 9/11/01: 22 Years Later

EXCLUSIVE: Ron DeSantis Fabricated GOP Debate Story About Meeting Texas "Angel Mom", Falsely Claims Gold Star Mother's Son Died From Taking Drugs Laced With Fentanyl

EXPOSED: Meet The South Florida Democrat Political Operative & Game Show Chaser Who Is Using Litigation To Remove Donald Trump From Florida’s Ballot In 2024

Biden's Tax Hikes Are Coming - Act Now!

EXCLUSIVE: Chris Christie Friends with Political Operative Arrested By Secret Service for Ambushing President Trump’s Motorcade and Endangering His Life

VIDEO: How Ron DeSantis is Using Bribery To Gain Support For His Presidential Campaign

EXCLUSIVE: Former DeSantis Insurance Commissioner Cashes In As Lobbyist, Donates To Governor's Presidential Bid Amid Looming FL Homeowner Crisis

VIDEO: Private Jets, AMEX, and Luxury Hotels: What Is DeSantis Spending YOUR Campaign Donations On?

VIDEO: 5 Crises Ron DeSantis Has Neglected While Running For President

VIDEO: Ron DeSantis Wants J6 Protesters Locked Up In Jail and Ignores Their Calls For Help

Ron DeSantis and His PAC Appear to Have Purchased An Iowa Endorsement, But Will Bribery Be Enough To Resurrect His Campaign?

NEW VIDEO: President Trump Endorses Sound of Freedom As DeSantis Shows Leniency Toward Human Traffickers

FOLLOW THE MONEY: DeSantis Took Campaign Money From Gun Control Lobbyist Who Represents Disney

VIDEO: Fox News Prepares To Dump DeSantis

NEW VIDEO: How Ron DeSantis Appropriated MILLIONS of Dollars from Trump Supporters to Attack MAGA

NEW VIDEO: Florida GOP Tries To Rig 2024 Election For DeSantis With Unconstitutional Loyalty Oath

How Ron DeSantis Deceptively Raised and Weaponized Millions Of Dollars From Trump Supporters To Change FL Election Laws, Pay Off FL's Speaker of The House, & Attack Donald Trump

Is Florida Where Woke Goes To Die? Inside Florida's TaxPayer Funded DEI 'Black Business Loan Program' That Ron DeSantis Doesn't Want You To Know Exists

EXCLUSIVE: California GOP Secretly Plots To Amend Bylaws Pertaining To CA Presidential Delegation Process In An Effort To Undermine Donald Trump's 2024 Re-Election

The Sinister Hunter Biden 'Pandemic' Investment The Media Isn't Talking About

EXCLUSIVE: Kevin McCarthy Gives His Top California GOP Donors Green Light To Host Fundraisers for Candidates Challenging Donald Trump For 2024 Nomination

VIDEO: Moderna and Child Mutilation Lobbyist Who Hosted DC Fundraiser for DeSantis's Presidential Campaign Gets Confronted Upon Arrival

Big Pharma Lobbyists and The Child Trans Agenda: How Hypocrisy Is Alive and Well Within Ron DeSantis’s 2024 Presidential Campaign Fundraising

How Ron DeSantis Helped Conceal The Truth About Jeffrey Epstein's Sex Crimes In Florida The Same Year Epstein Allegedly "Killed Himself"

SPEECH HIGHLIGHTS: President Donald Trump Rocks the House in GA With Electric Crowd Days After Indictment

VIDEO: Soros-Tied Founder of ERIC Gets LOOMERED At Anti-Trump Election Rigging Conference

VIDEO: James Comey Gets LOOMERED At His Book Signing Over The Durham Report

VIDEO: Black Protesters say, "Vote For Trump” at DeSantis’s Failed 2024 Announcement

VIDEO: Maricopa County Director of Elections Refuses To Condemn Discrimination Against Trump Voters

BREAKING: Biden raises prices on...

VIDEO: Lawyer at Center of Trump-Raffensperger Phone Call CONFRONTED At Zuckerberg Funded Election Meeting

VIDEO: Arizona’s Radical Democrat Secretary of State Confronted For Calling Trump Supporters FASCISTS

WATCH: What CNN’s Kaitlan Collins Just Got Caught Doing To President Trump

WATCH: Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger CONFRONTED At Zuckerberg Funded Election Meeting

WATCH: Maricopa County Election Supervisor CONFRONTED At Zuckerberg Funded Election Meeting

Biden Fires Warning Shot For Retirement Accounts

NEW VIDEO: DeSantis Signs Anti-Free Speech Bill In Israel To Criminalize Free Speech As “Hate Crimes”

LOBBYGATE: Ron DeSantis’s State Insurance Chief Failed to Declare Interest, As Millions of Floridians Face Rising Premiums And Loss of Insurance

EXCLUSIVE: National Elections Officials Gathering For Secret Zuckerberg Funded, Soros Tied US Election Summit At 'International Spy Museum'

EXCLUSIVE: DeSantis Having First South Carolina Event With State Senator Arrested For Molesting His 3 Year Old Son

EXCLUSIVE: DeSantis Hosting Dinners To Recruit 2024 Presidential Campaign Bundlers and Fundraisers At Governor's Mansion In Violation of Florida Law

Laura Reacts To The News: Obama's Brother Pledges to Campaign Against Michelle, Kari Lake Running for Senate?, DeSantis Pushing For Bill To Seal His Travel Records +MORE

EXCLUSIVE: Kevin McCarthy's Son Works For Anti-Trump Big Tech Investor Set To Host A Shadow DeSantis Fundraiser

NEW VIDEO: Trump Undefeated As Protesters Rally Following His Arrest

MUST WATCH: NYPD Officers Call Out Sick To Avoid Arresting President Trump

Laura Reacts To The News: TRANSurrection at the Florida Capitol, American Sentenced To 10 Years in US Prison For Posting Anti-Hillary Clinton Meme, DeSantis Takes Step to End Resign to Run +MORE

EXPOSED: 3 Lies Ron DeSantis Told Us All

EXCLUSIVE: Governor DeSantis Makes Millions On Queer Book Deal With Harper Collins Which Profits Off Selling Books Banned In Florida

NEW VIDEO: Fox News Declares War On President Trump

Laura Reacts To The News: Stormy Daniels EXPOSED As A Liar, Ashley Biden Diary Proven Real, Trump Rakes in $1.5 MILLION As Arrest Threat Looms + MORE


NEW VIDEO: Americans Rally Against Anti-Trump Witch Hunt

TRUMP ARREST: What You Need to Know

Laura Reacts to the News: Is DeSantis’s Shadow Campaign Violating The Law? Trump Says He Will Be ARRESTED ON TUESDAY, James O'Keefe Launches New Media Group + More

WATCH: Is Death Looming Over Our Republic? Laura Loomer & Steve Bannon Discuss On This Ides of March

Ron DeSantis Is Running For President Against President Trump, But He Needs A Florida Law To Change First

Laura Reacts to the News: FBI Agents Colluded To Violate Proud Boy Atty Client Privilege, J6 Video DEMOLISHES Deep State’s Narrative, NeverTrumpers Launch Pro-DeSantis PAC + MORE

Laura Reacts to the News: DeSantis No-Shows at CPAC, Zelensky: 'Send Your Sons and Daughters to War', ADL's 'National Day of Hate' HOAX, WHO Vaccine Passports + MORE

WATCH: Ron DeSantis Proves He's The Anti-Free Speech Candidate Amid His Shadow Presidential Campaign Disguised As a "Book Tour"

Laura Reacts to the News: James O'Keefe Pushed Out of Project Veritas, Trump Visits East Palestine While Zelensky's Sugar Daddy Visits Ukraine, Con DeSantis Further Exposed + MORE

No, Kevin McCarthy Didn’t Release All Of The J6 Footage To The “American Public”

House Oversight Hearing on Twitter’s Election Interference Validates Loomer RICO Lawsuit

I'm Joining Roger Stone For His America First Response to the State of the Union Tonight!

Prosecutor Ron DeSantis: An Enemy To J6 Political Prisoners

If There's One Thing John Bolton Loves More Than War, It’s Ron DeSantis...