As the MOST BANNED WOMAN IN THE WORLD, Laura Loomer is the enemy of Big Tech censors, establishment Republicans, communist Democrats, and the globalist elites they take their orders from.

Instead of taking the easy path and selling her soul on the altar of Conservative Inc. (Con Inc), she has taken the much more difficult, and far lonelier path of telling THE TRUTH.

She has made confronting the powerful an art form known as “Loomering,” or getting #LOOMERED. Her victim list includes figures big and small, and across the political spectrum, including:

Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Bill Clinton, Huma Abedin, Maxine Waters, AOC, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Jack Dorsey.

When she is not confronting globalists, Laura Loomer has made a name for herself through her fearless groundbreaking journalism, which includes exposing Rep. Ilhan Omar for marrying her own brother. Laura Loomer is also an internationally recognized free speech activist, and has filed lawsuits against Google, Facebook, Twitter and Apple for their censorship of conservative voices online, as well as their illegal Big Tech election interference.

In 2020, Laura Loomer made history as the first deplatformed federal candidate for US Congress when she won the Republican nomination in Florida’s 21st District, which is home to Mar a Lago. President Trump endorsed and voted for Laura Loomer in 2020 when she ran against Democrat incumbent Lois Frankel. In 2022, Laura Loomer filed to run for Congress again in Florida’s newly redistricted 11th District against RINO Daniel Webster, who didn’t support President Trump during the 2nd impeachment, and was the only Republican member of Congress to skip the vote on the creation of Nancy Pelosi’s January 6 Inquisition and Soviet Style Kangaroo Court.

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As the MOST BANNED WOMAN IN THE WORLD, Laura Loomer is the enemy of big tech censors, establishment Republicans, communist Democrats, and the globalist elites they take their orders from. Get her most groundbreaking journalism here.


Laura Loomer 

Laura Loomer is an award-winning conservative investigative journalist, free-speech activist, and former Republican US congressional candidate in Florida. She is the author of “LOOMERED: How I Became the Most Banned Woman in the World.”