VIDEO: Ron DeSantis Wants J6 Protesters Locked Up In Jail and Ignores Their Calls For Help

“I actually am glad to see some of these people being arrested from the DC thing, because I think the prosecutions will really make a difference,” Ron DeSantis stated.

Jul 25, 2023

Florida has the highest number of January 6 defendants.

One would expect the Republican Governor of Florida to be in support of helping January 6 political prisoners, but in the case of Ron DeSantis, he hasn’t lifted a finger to help a single J6er from Florida, and he is hoping to see Donald Trump jailed over his recent J6 indictment.

WATCH this video to find out how Ron DeSantis has advocated for the jailing and prosecution of J6 protesters, and how he has ignored Floridian J6 defendants and their family members who have asked him for help.

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