Well done, Laura. 😊

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Laura you are a brave woman but foolhardy in your attacks on Ron DeSantis. Two things:

- These are mostly cheap shots. DeSantis cannot control everything going on here, no governor could, especially with how the criminals in Washington are focusing on him and Florida in the process.

- I want a candidate in 2024 who can WIN. Trump is a great man but now I see him as a martyr to our cause of saving America. Regardless how he has been victimized by a corrupt administration and DOJ, plus radical DAs in New York and Georgia, he is now so damaged in the eyes of Independent voters that I doubt he can win.

It doesn't MATTER how wrong this all is. This is hardball politics and we are just short of becoming a banana republic. Those are the facts. We have to live with them and fight back with the tools at hand.

I am throwing my support to DeSantis. He has Trump's determination and the electorate will give him more of a chance than they will Trump.

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